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Saturday, February 20, 2016
I am normally not one for New Year Resolutions, considering they normally get forgotten about by this time of the year. However, bucket lists, at least to me, are more enjoyable because they are normally more fun than something hard to achieve (like loosing 20 pounds!). Therefore, I am going to share what is on my bucket list for 2016!

  Read Tender is the Night
After reading a handful of F. Scott Fitzgerald books (of course, The Great Gatsby is in that mix), I have began to realize my admiration of his writing style, and how everything in the book has meaning. This semester I am taking a class on F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway, and reading deeply into their context of their books makes me admire them even more deeply! Although other classes of mine read and analyzed their books, this one is dedicated to them and their amazing work.

  Successfully make a three layer cake from scratch
I always pride myself on making dinners that (for the most part!) taste good. However, I always seem to somehow mess up homemade desserts. But, this month I found this delicious looking birthday cake recipe on Buzzfeed, and I want to properly make it (without the inside being raw but the outside remaining burnt, I really do not understand how this happens). Therefore, I want to successfully make this cake (or any at all) without using a Stop and Shop kit.

  Take a cooking class
In October, I was supposed to take a cooking class with my friends, but for some reason I cannot recall the plans fell through. So after we could not go learn how to make doughnuts from scratch, I seem to have forgotten to look into another cooking class that I can actually attend. Therefore, this year I want to actually attend a cooking class!

  Go to the Muse Bar (A painting bar)
The other day, I walked by The Muse Bar in Great Neck, and I was so intrigued. I doubt that it is the first painting bar in New York, but it is the first one I have actually noticed, and I am so compelled to go now! They have something going on every night of the week, and they have many locations throughout New York! They serve appetizers, drinks, and a full how to guide on the painting of that evening! I think that this looks like such an interesting girls night out idea, and I am exciting to do it soon!

  Maybe go blonde
I am still undecided on this one, but I have been contemplating it for the past 6 months or so. The thing is, I am so used to being brunette that I am too afraid to make the jump to being blonde! The only thing I have ever done to my hair (other than getting layers here and there) was getting it ombréd this past summer. The thing is, it did not end up really doing much because my hair naturally goes lighter in the summer, so it seemed like all the consistent, dirty blonde, color. Therefore, this year I want to take the plunge and maybe go blonde.. Still working on it though!

  Try a new acclaimed NYC restaurant
Living in New York, it is hard to go wrong with finding a great place to eat. However, I have noticed myself going to the same, great places, instead of trying out something new! Therefore, I want to go to a new place that I can also get addicted to! Hence, the reason why I follow New Fork City on instagram! However, I do believe my next stop is going to be Ice and Vice!

  Travel to a new state
This past Presidents Week, I was planning on either going to Texas or Arizona. Although the plans fell through (I decided I wanted to travel a week before Presidents Week!), I had a huge realization; I have seen more of the world than I have my home country! I really want to see more of the United States, and I hope to visit at least one new state this year! I have already been to Houston, Texas considering I have family there, but I am hoping my next stop is the Grand Canyon!

  Watch the sun rise
On New Years Day, my friends and I had a master plan that we would go down to our local dock and watch the first sunrise of 2016. Unfourtunately, we slept in until 11 a.m. that morning. Yes, I have seen the sunrise many times before, but I always took it for granted! I watch a video on color blindness, covering how a company generated glasses to allow colorblind people to see color. At the end of the video, they take the colorblind people out to watch the sunset (in color) for the first time, and it was moving to see how much we take these small gifts from nature for granted! Therefore, I want to wake up and watch the sunrise more often, even if it is just from my bedroom window!

 Run more often
Over the summer, I got pretty good with going for runs. If it was not every day, it was every other day. However, after I left for vacation and the weather turned, I have slowly killed the (in progress) habit. But, I have decided after it stops snowing all of the time, that I would get back into my routine!

 Go to more museums
This is a more general goal, because there are so many wonderful museums in New York City. But I want to take more advantage of them, unlike I have in the past! I visited the MoMa the other day, and it was wonderful! Yes, I have been to all of these museums many times before, but that was normally with my parents, but I want to change that!

That is all for my bucket list for now! This is a more general one, with both long distance goals, and things that I want to hopefully start doing tomorrow! I really enjoyed writing about my goals (I am a list person!), and I hope that I can do it more often, and keep an update as to how they are going on this post! I hope that at least by the time the summer rolls around, I will have done more than half of the stuff on this list!

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