Istanbul, Turkey

Wednesday, February 24, 2016
  Outfit One:
Shirt: Lilly Pulitzer (similar) Shorts: J. Crew Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Outfit Two:
Shirt: Ralph Lauren (similar) Pants: Ralph Lauren (similar) Shoes: Kate Spade (similar)  Jacket: Burberry

Outfit Three:
Shirt: J. Crew (similar) Shorts: J. Crew Shoes: Jack Rogers

Outfit Four:
Jeans: J. Crew Shoes: Chanel (similar)

Having never been to a Muslim country before, it was hard to quickly turn from wearing dresses to wearing jackets and pants in the scorching heat. Most Muslim countries, women dress very conservatively, and tourists are recommended to dress accordingly. However, it was something that we quickly got used to, and I happened to have fun with! Aside from the different ways of dressing, my family and I experienced many exciting new things in Istanbul! We witnessed what life is like outside of America first hand because we decided that we did not want to stick strictly to the tourist things and immerse ourselves more in the Turkish culture. We learned many new things that were interesting; one being the lack of education due to the pressure placed upon the children in continuing the family business at a young age. Other than that, we also explored the wonderful Grand Bazaar, with walls overflowing with rugs, spices, fake designer items and so much more. All in all, Istanbul was truly amazing, and I definitely want to go back. Alike to Greece, it was rich with culture and history, and we never found ourselves bored!

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