Ski Trip with Friends

Wednesday, February 17, 2016
Every year, my entire neighborhood sets aside Super Bowl weekend for our annual ski trip. We stay in the same resort, filling up every room for the entire weekend! It is a great escape from work, school, and life in general. This trip is always a highly anticipated one (I even have a countdown app on my phone for it!), because it is a breath of fresh air, and a getaway with friends, who does not love that!

Anyways, with such a large group of people, ranging in all ages, it is hard to find yourself bored. On Saturday we go skiing (some of us snowboarding!), and on Sunday (my favorite part) we go on a huge hike as a group.

Here are some pictures of this past years trip to Windham Mountain!

By the time we reach the waterfall, it normally means we are rearing the end of our hike. However, this year because of the extremely warm weather, the waterfall was not frozen over like it normally is, which was really fun to see. 
As you can see, Katie and I took full advantage of the streaming waterfall.

The hike always ends at the same golf course in the resort. Every year since we were young, we pose for pictures as a group at the end of the hike. It seemed insignificant to me when I was younger, but looking back on the pictures bring back so many great memories! This year we took our 'graduating class' picture at the most adorable gazebo with a breathtaking view of the Catskill Mountains.
Here is the group picture from this year, and below is the beautiful view of the rolling Catskill Mountains. I never do much hiking (especially given I live in New York City), but I never regret 'taking a hike'. 
This year, it is definitely something that I want to do more often.
Thermal Shirt: Jack Wills (a different printed thermal) Ski Pants: North Face Jacket: Calvin Klein (similar
T Shirt - Riedlbauers Boots: LL Bean Jacket: Calvin Klein (similar) Headband: Lululemon (similar) Leggings: Under Armour 

Whether you enjoy skiing or not, a winter weekend getaway with friends is a must! I could not see myself breaking this ongoing cycle!

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