Dream Vacation Houses

Wednesday, March 9, 2016
Because my parents are currently away on vacation, traveling is all I am thinking about! I have spent the whole week daydreaming about getting out of New York and going some place warm!
That got me thinking about my previous vacations. Whenever I go on a great vacation, I always fantasize about one day (hopefully) buying a vacation house there! Although it is a more of a  pipe dream than reality, it is still fun to do! I think that it is always fun to look up houses in my favorite destinations, and I decided to share some of those with you guys!

Newport, Rhode Island

Charleston, South Carolina

Sanibel, Florida

Beverly Hills, California

London, England

Swiss Alps, Switzerland 

Edinburgh, Scotland

How cool would it be to live in a castle! Or at least vacation in one!

Dublin, Ireland 

The Cannes, France

Now of course, all of these houses are highly unaffordable for most people, haha. However, a girl can always dream!
Where would you buy a vacation house?

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