How to Enforce Good Study Habits in High School and Beyond

Wednesday, March 23, 2016
I think that the hardest thing for me to learn in high school was how to get good study habits. I of course had all of my teachers enforcing different methods (index cards, lists, repetition etc.), but I always found those to be long, hard, and boring.
Don't get me wrong, I do not have fun studying. However, I think that the most important thing you need to learn to do is how to study while retaining the information (and you can't be distracted!). Therefore, aside from that which my teachers tried to enforce, I have picked up study habits that I feel work for me (and maybe they will work for you too!).
ONE //  Do your homework every night, and be sure to check it to see if it is correct
I think my biggest problem in the beginning of high school was checking my homework. Although it may seem unnecessary, it really helps on picking up small (but significant) mistakes that you need to avoid on tests.

TWO // Make your own review sheets (even if your teacher provides one)
I started doing this last year in my math class, and slowly merged it into my other subjects. When things are just typed for you, you do not really memorize the material as well as you think you do! Writing things out and recycling problems really gets your brain working. It helps me a lot, and I would highly recommend it.

THREE // Do as many practice problems as possible
This applies for math mostly (because most of the test is primarily equations and graphs). I have noticed that even redoing old homework a few times really helps. But you can also find great practice problems online.

FOUR // Make a google doc with your friends and have everyone contribute
Last year I had a pretty intense history class. My teacher always gave long impossible tests with the most obscure questions on them. For every test, about ten friends and I would get together and make a joint review sheet (normally ending up 20-25 pages long..), and it helped me so much with all of my tests!

FIVE // Go to tutoring and figure out what you are not understanding
Going to tutoring is key when it comes to doing well on a test. At least for me, my teachers are very approachable (hopefully yours are too), and tutoring is so helpful. I highly recommend for you to go if you are not fully clear on some material before the test.
Good luck, hopefully these help

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