Jack Rogers Sample Sale

Thursday, March 17, 2016
As some of you may already know, Jack Rogers is have a huge sample sale in Manhattan this week! I went on Wednesday and there was an overwhelming amount of reasonably priced sandals!
Also, if you are a shoe size six, you are in luck because that is their sample size! They have just about three times as much stuff in a size six (and for the fraction of the price).

And not only are they selling their adorable sandals, they're also selling clothes, bags, boots, jewelry and so much more! If you live in Manhattan (or really want to go to this sale), I highly recommend you get out there ASAP before it ends tomorrow! It was kind of crowded when I went, and I would presume that the crowds are only going to get larger!
Here is the facebook group that was formed for the sale. It says what it is, where it is, and when it ends.

Here are some of my favorite Jack Roger's at the moment (that I unfortunately did not get my hands on):

Enjoy the sample sale!
PS: Happy Saint Patricks Day! I hope that it is a good one.

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