Oh Yay Sunday: How to Maximize Your Sundays

Sunday, March 6, 2016
Growing up, Sunday was always bittersweet considering it was a day off school, but I always dreaded the thought of going to school Monday. However, I have recently began to at least try and brighten up my Sundays (/try to forget I have school the next day), and here are some tips that I truly think help!

ONE // Wake up early
I am not normally the type to wake up early on a weekend, but I have really been trying to work on this. My parents normally don't let sleeping in slide, which I always hated, but as I began to mature I started to realize that it was actually a really good habit. Although I do love sleeping in from time to time, waking up earlier helps you really maximize your day, which is very much needed if the next day entails school!

TWO // Go for brunch/get out of the house
Even if it is just bagels, coffee, or a croissant, getting out of the house always helps. It is like a quick pick-me-up in the morning that everyone needs. If you stay in the house, you're going to want to go back to sleep. 

THREE // Get some work done
For some reason, Sundays tend to be my most productive days of the week. I normally get my homework done on Friday nights (if I can), but Sundays always end up in the equation somehow! Considering Sundays tend to be more of a relaxed day, it always helps to use them as a day just to focus on getting my life together before the beginning of the school week!

FOUR // Online shop until your hearts content
It may just be me, but online shopping is nearly a form of therapy. If I can, I normally try to make it out to the stores, but like mentioned many times before, I normally stay home on Sundays. They may be great for getting work done, but Sundays are never good for my wallet. However, it is always a great feeling when you bang out your week and reward yourself with a new pair of shoes! Also, receiving that package a few days later is aught to bring up your overall mood from the week! 

FIVE // Spend some quality family time
Normally, every Sunday, my family and I all eat at home with a huge home-cooked meal. Although moments like these are small, I think that they are always important! I always like for my weeks to conclude with a dinner with my family! It is always great to not only catch up with work, the day, the week, your shopping - but also your family!
Have a great Sunday!

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