Spring Lookbook

Wednesday, March 30, 2016
Just as I mentioned in my previous post, I think that Easter truly marks the beginning of spring. Although it is gloomy and rainy (at least in New York it is), I am still in the spring spirit, and will not let these nearly April showers bring me down.
On Friday, I splurged a little when I was out shopping. I basically raided the Kate Spade store (they have the best spring items!). I wanted to buy everything in the store, but left with a dress, bag and earrings. That was not the only buying I did on Friday, but it is what I am most excited about!
However, all of that retail therapy made me look on the bright side today, thinking of the warm days ahead of us!
In my opinion, retail therapy is the best kind of therapy for gloomy days, especially when you are caught in limbo between the winter and summer (/spring).
Therefore I decided to share some great outfit staples for the warmer weather!
Shop them below:

Enjoy your spring shopping!

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  1. I totally agree - Easter means spring to me! Hopefully we'll have more sunny days in the future so skirts are possible. 🙏