St. Patricks Day Outfit Essentials

Wednesday, March 16, 2016
This Saint Patricks Day marks the first one in a decade that I won't be Irish Step Dancing in the parade, which is pretty bittersweet. Training for the parade was always long, tiresome, and repetitive -- and after doing it for ten years, it was pretty exhausting. *PS: the Irish Step Dancers in The Saint Patricks Day Parade always use the same three dances-- thus being another reason why it was so boring*. Starting in the end of January, we would practice every Sunday morning for about four and a half hours, doing the same thing over and over again. The only thing that got me through it was the excitement of the parade and being able to dance in it with some of my closest friends. 
This picture was taken last Saint Patricks Day; the one that marked the end of the decade we spent dancing in the parade! That is me all the way to the right in the purple dress. 
So, now that I am no longer wearing an over bedazzled uncomfortable dress, I am scrambling to find something to wear. A large group of friends and I are going this year (some that danced in the parade, others that have not), and we are excited to finally partake in the crowd!

Although parades are normally hectic, the Saint Patricks Day Parade in New York is crazy. But, I searched though my closet for bulky Donegal Sweaters (ironically where my mom is from!), just about anything that is green, and something hopefully warm. I finally came up with a great, warm, outfit to wear this Saint Patricks Day. 
Check out my choices below:

Have a great Saint Patricks Day tomorrow!

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