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Thursday, March 10, 2016
It is finally nearly the weekend! Thursdays always come with the exciting promises for the weekend, but are not there just yet. Therefore, in order to help you guys get through your final haul of the week, I decided to share some interesting things!
A lot of these links are taken from Gwyneth Paltrow's blog, "Goop". I love to check up on her blog a few times a week because it always has great advice on nutrition, recipes, traveling and so much more! If you have the time, I highly recommend you go check it out!

ONE //  Why It's Hard to Lose Weight - and Why Most Diets Fail
I thought that this article was really interesting considering the popularity of people dropping their diets. For the most part, many people hope to stick to a strict diet plan for their New Years resolution, and around this time of the year, a lot of those promises fall through! Reading this article was interesting because it breaks down why diets are failing! It is a very interesting read, I highly recommend it!

TWO // Soup Cleansing - And Why it's So Good
In February, I picked up a juice cleanse kit from Fairway, but I am still yet to use it. The texture and scent of the juices just weirded me out, so I am a little scared to begin right this five-day long cleanse. However, I thought that this soup cleanse was very interesting, because it actually looks appetizing! Also, instead of drinking one cup of juice for the whole day (without eating anything else), you get a meal about every other hour with this cleanse. I feel like it is definitely a lot more do-able for beginners, like me!

To follow up the idea of detoxing, there is another great article analyzing whether or not detoxing actually works! If you are seriously considering it, I recommend researching your cleanse and seeing if you think that it is worth it!

THREE // "How Well Do You Know Clothes" Quiz
I love BuzzFeed quizzes. I think that they are so fun to do when I am bored (or want to see how much I am like Regina George). I thought this one was really interesting because it showed me that I really do not know all that much!

FOUR //Gluten-Free Pumpkin Waffles with Banana and Candied Pumpkin Seeds Recipe
I am not one to eat gluten-free food because I am a very picky eater. I typically do not try new things, normally just sticking to my very basic diet. However, I have a profound love for waffles, but I hate how unhealthy they are. But, this recipe gives a great twist on the typical waffle, getting them the closest to healthy as they can get! I am excited to try it!

FIVE // The Rain Room
I really regretted not visiting the Rain Room when it was in New York. I always meant to visit it, but by the time I got around to it, it was too late! Now it is on the West Coast, and will probably be moving again. This article discusses the Rain Room, what it is, where it is, and how to go if you live in California! Get your tickets while you can!

SIX // Netflix Dream Job
Netflix has announced that they are seeking to hire a couple of people to take photos for their instagram. If you want to take good pictures and make $2,000 a week, this is the job for you! How cool does this job sound?!

SEVEN // Fluffy Heart Shaped Chocolate Cakes
I stumbled across this the other day, and it looks delicious! They seem simple enough to make, but look super professional (which will hopefully make it seem as though I know what I am doing). I am excited to break out this recipe!

EIGHT // 32 New York City Inspired Baby Names
I found this article a while ago and completely forgot about it. These names have to do primarily with New York City street names, which I thought was adorable! For example, one of the names suggested was "Houston", after Houston Street. I think that the idea of it is really cute, and also uncommon!

NINE // Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi First Class Video
This past Friday my parents left for the Maldives. They took the Etihad Airways First Class flight to Abu Dhabi. Here is a video of the amazing layout of the first class section of the plane! I have never seen anything like it before - they were even able to shower on the plane! It is definitely worth taking a look!

TEN // Nina Dobrev's California Home Tour
Lulu and Georgia provide a peek into Nina Dobrev's house, allowing viewers to steal her style! Underneath the picture of her beautiful living room, there are certain items you can find from the picture up for sale! If you are considering redecorating, this is a perfect reference!

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