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Thursday, March 31, 2016
This weekend differed a little from last week, considering we had a long weekend last week.. However, I am nearly there to the weekend, and that is always a good thing.
Anyways, aside from not having a long weekend, this week was a good relaxing one. Last week was hectic, it was almost as though my teachers are going out of their way to make second semester senior year a painful one. But, this week consists of new units, not as many tests, and a Vance Joy concert. I went to the concert on Tuesday at the Beacon Theater, and I loved it! Vance Joy is by far one of my favorite artists, so it was an amazing experience to see him in concert!

ONE // 15 Photos that Prove Olivia Palermo is the Real-Life Blair Waldorf
Like most people who have watched Gossip Girl, I found myself finishing the show wishing I had Blair Waldorf's entire wardrobe. However, the other day I came across these comparison photos of Olivia Palermo and outfits Leighton Meester wore on the show. I never realized how similar they look and dress until looking at these side-by-side photos! It is really interesting to see, especially if you are a Gossip Girl fan.

TWO // 110 Reasons Why You Should Probably, Definitely Leave New York City
I thought that this was a really interesting read, especially because I will be leaving the city next year for college. I was always afraid of this transition into a small town after spending the last four years in a school in Manhattan. However, reading this helped me look on the bright side. Although I love New York, it does get hectic, and there are many things that agitate all of those who visit or live here. It points out some things that are normally noticed as good things about the city (bagels for example), but provides the negative counter argument for it, which is always an interesting read!

THREE // Jack Rogers Sale
It is finally that time of year; sales all over. Who doesn't love a good sale, and a nice new pair of Jack Rogers?

FOUR // 33 Online Stores With Free Shipping and No Minimum
I have seen many memes joking about people being perfectly ok with spending $150 on items, but questioning buying them because of the extra $5 shipping. Honestly, I really related to those memes... Therefore, I thought that this was a cool Buzzfeed article, showing which stores you can order from online without having to pay that extra $5! Start the savings.

FIVE // 15 Reasons Why Patagonia Should Be No. 1 On Your Bucket List
I have many places on my vacation bucket list, but Patagonia, Argentina, is definitely at the top. I have never been to Argentina (or around South America too much as a matter a fact), therefore making it even more compelling. I am not much of a hiker, but Patagonia looks amazing and I hope to go some time soon. This article shows beautiful pictures of the untouched landscapes, which will probably make all of you want to book a ticket tomorrow as well.

SIX // Easter Doughnuts for Every Bunny
I thought that this recipe looks really good and simple enough to make, which is always necessary! Although I like a lot of unhealthy food, oddly enough, I do not like doughnuts. However, that has never stopped me from making them! Although this is a recipe for Easter doughnuts, anything pink is acceptable any time of the year!

SEVEN // The Four Most Underused Muscles That You Should Be Working Out - But Aren't
I feel as though ever since I stopped rowing, I stopped paying attention to what muscles I am building when I work out. I try to run as often as I can, but even that only works on certain muscles. From years of physical training in rowing, you learn that working on certain muscle groups is very important; it prevents an imbalance in your muscles, because an imbalance can eventually lead to injury. I think that this is a really important read if you workout a lot, or just starting to work out.

EIGHT // Fishkill Farms
This applies more to those in New York, but Fishkill Farms is a farm that offers just about everything for each season. I really want to make it out there for the strawberries! Strawberry picking has been something on my bucket list for a long time now, and now that the season is among us, I have decided to finally do it! If you are interested in going strawberry picking, but you are not in New York, I am sure that you can find a local farm that is conveniently close to you.

NINE // The Cast of Hannah Montana: Ten Years Later
When I was younger, I was obsessed with Hannah Montana. I lived by everything Miley Cyrus did, wore, and said on the show. I think that it is so crazy that this week marked ten years from the airing of the pilot episode. Although I still love Miley to this day (I even went to two of her concerts in the span of four months), her Hannah Montana days bring back so many memories. Reading this article reminds me of the simple, Disney Channel days, which is always uplifting!

TEN // How to Wrap a Perfect Present
Growing up, my mom always tried to teach me how to properly wrap presents. It started with me helping her tie bows by holding my finger on the fold, and eventually brought me to the present wrapper I am today. If I do say so myself, I am pretty good at wrapping presents. However, when those presents do not come in a three-dimensional, box form, things go south. I thought that this tutorial is really helpful for anyone when it comes to wrapping presents! Although I am far from an expert (/perfectly mediocre), I think that this tutorial can help anyone, be sure to check it out!
Enjoy these interesting reads!

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