The Perfect Equestrian-Style Outfit

Friday, March 4, 2016
I recently decided that I am going to go to the Belmont Stakes this upcoming summer. For those of you who do not know, this is where the American Pharaoh won the triple crown last year! Normally when the derby is held I am in the middle of my finals, but thankfully this year the tables have turned! With all of this excitement and anticipation for the derby, I began to think back on my own horseback riding years.

When I was younger, I was moderately into horseback riding. I did not compete, do jumps, or do anything fancy as a matter-of-fact. However, every summer when I went to Ireland, my sister and I would go horseback riding every morning. As mentioned before, it was nothing fancy, just a ride through the hills, mountains, you name it. I found it extremely relaxing, and it was always the highlight of my trip. However, I always remember the constant struggle to find something to wear, or to buy. So, I decided that today in my post I would attach the perfect riding outfit staples! It is pretty hard to get a good deal on these clothes due to the need for good quality riding clothes. Therefore, I thought I would help my fellow horseback riders out (although I technically stopped three years ago, haha)!
Here are some great riding outfits, perfect all year long:

Horseback rider or not, these outfits are prefect for just about anything! Although I no longer ride, I am tempted to buy it all!

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