What is in my Carry On

Monday, March 21, 2016
As a follow up to my last post, I thought I would share what I typically bring along in my carry on. Depending on the length of my trip, where I am going, and how heavy of a bag I am willing to carry - the items inside seem to always change. However, there are always many essentials, which I thought would be interesting to share!

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In my opinion, one of the worst things that happens to me when I am traveling is that I get uncomfortable. I always try to dress in sneakers (or flip flops depending on the season), a tee, and a pair of leggings. I always try to avoid sitting on a plane for X number of hours really uncomfortable, so I dress (and pack my carry on) accordingly. 
I would say at least 90% of all airplanes I have been on are freezing. I mean full blown AC the whole ride (no matter the season). Therefore, I always bring an extra sweater (I think that my Patagonia better sweater is the best bet for this!). I also always remember to bring sunglasses and a hat, because you never know just how sunny your destination will be when you leave the airport (well, at least I would hope that it is sunny!).  
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What do you normally pack in your carry on?

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