Every and Anything That You Need To Pack

Monday, April 25, 2016
I am finally going to California. Although it is exciting, I surprisingly pushed off packing until the day before I left. Typically, I begin to pull my clothes together at least a week before.

It is notorious throughout my family and friends that I am an over-packer. It is pretty extreme to be honest. But, for my first flight alone, my dad made sure to only buy me a ticket permitting one suitcase... This is what makes packing even harder, because I have a 50lb limit.
However, whether you are an over packer like myself, or a normal person, there are always essentials that you have to take with you on every trip. And no, 10 shirts you probably will not wear do not count...
ONE //  Shirts

TWO // Pants, jeans and shorts

THREE // Flats, sandals and heels

FOUR // Accessories and makeup

I think that it all really does depend where you are going (climate wise), and why you are going (a wedding, for fun, etc!). Either way, I kept all of those options in mind while finding things to include in this post. By all means, if you are going somewhere like Alaska in the winter, do not bring sandals, or a tank top. I mean, that is pretty much common sense, but I feel like I would be the one to do that - so do not be me!
Enjoy packing!

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  1. Those heels are way too cute! Hope you have/had a wonderful time in California!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules