Homemade Magnolia Cupcakes

Tuesday, April 5, 2016
It is the time of year where every high school senior is beginning to hear back from their very last colleges. Just as I expected, these last two weeks have been very stressful not only for me but also for my friends. Therefore, in hope to lighten the mood, I decided to start making a cake for each friend of mine when they commit to a college.

The idea was to help put aside this past year of stress and college applications, and just focus on eating cake dyed and frosted different school colors and crests. At the moment, only two of my friends have committed (as in paid their deposit), so this is still a work in progress, but everyone loves it (and they are all looking forward to their cakes).
My goal is to use a different recipie for each cake that I make, and for my previous cake, I used a magnolia cake and icing recipe. It was amazing. So good, that my parents wanted to try it so badly that they asked me to make it again on Sunday. So, in order to change it up, I used a different recipe for magnolia cupcakes. I found the recipie on Carly's blog, and knew that was the one I had to try because she only had good things to say.
It was almost as though these magnolia recipes got better each try. The cake was delicious, don't get me wrong, but the cupcakes were so good - they tasted like I had just bought them from the store!
I even tried to do the 'Magnolia swirl'. It did not work out perfectly, but hopefully I can change that after a few batches!
With or without the iconic swirl, these cupcakes were to die for, and I highly recommend you make them if you find yourself unsure of what new recipie to try!

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