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Thursday, April 28, 2016
All in all, this week was a good one, if you guys could not already see through my instagram posts and blog posts. Vacation is never dull, and I am so happy I can finally start working on my tan for prom (Which is in a month from yesterday! So that tan won't stay..)

ONE // The Perfect Iced Coffee
For a long time now I have been looking for the perfect iced coffee recipie that I can throw together at home. I always end up having to buy one on my way to school from a local coffee cart, and although it is only $2, it adds up. Therefore, finding this was so relieving for both me and my wallet! I am so excited to try it.

TWO // 17 Incredibly Pretty Styles For Naturally Curly Hair
All of my life I have struggled with keeping my frizzy, curly hair in line. I was always envious of those on youtube and instagram teaching viewers how to style their perfect, long, straight hair. I would always try those styles, but my curly hair frizz would get in the way of perfecting each look. Most of the time, a quickly thrown together bun or pony-tail is my go-to considering the difficulty that follows rambunctious curls. But this is going to be exciting to try out!

THREE // The Ultimate Guide To Working Out In College
Just as most other incoming freshman, the thing I am fearing the most (besides daunting classes) in college is the 'freshman 15'. I have been trying my best to begin preparing myself to avoiding this to the best of my ability, but I know that there has to be a lot more preparation to be done. Therefore, I thought that this article was interesting, because it helps normal (as in not athletically inclined, like myself) college students to staying on top of their workout regime. It is a really interesting read - and one I have bookmarked for next August.

FOUR // 27 Thing You Should Do Before You Leave High School
With graduation rearing its head in two months, the inevitable 'realizing high school is over' feeling has washed over me. I never thought that I would be upset because I have always looked forward to going to college and moving on to bigger and better things. But just thinking about where I will be in four months is crazy, and I can't help but get a little upset about growing up. So I thought that this article was really cute and helped me remember the good things about high school and being where I am right now. It is a really fun and interesting one!

FIVE // Macadamia Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies
The other day I had some really good shortbread cookies from a local coffee store, and I could not stop eating them. Once you eat one, you can't stop yourself from picking up another. I have never thought about making shortbread cookies, and I am excited to try this recipie out. You can never go wrong with chocolate chips and shortbread cookies combined!

SIX // How To Pick The Right Blonde For You
Although I am not planning on dying my hair (I was highly considering it for a while), this is definitely interesting. When I was thinking of maybe dying my hair, I had no clue what blonde shade I would get without looking ridiculous. I ended up realizing that I would look ridiculous either way, but for those of you who will be able to pull it off, this is very helpful!

SEVEN // This Huge 3-Floor Closet
I have a typical normal sized closet. I,  however, have looked at all of these amazing closets found all over pinterest and pinned them for my future home plans. However, this woman's closet is crazy. It is three floors and full of wonderful, never-ending streams of beautiful items. Take a look at it and see just how envious you can get of a closet!

EIGHT // 73 Questions With Taylor Swift
As most of you can gather from just about everything I post on my blog, instagram twitter etc., I love Taylor Swift. She is one of my fashion icons, favorite singers, and just simply a great person. This also kind of gives a tour of her beautiful house (and has a VMA sitting next to her coffee maker), and all the things she likes from the little things to the bigger ones!

NINE // 73 Questions With Blake Lively
Yet another person I look up to. I have been obsessed with Blake Lively since Gossip Girl. I think, just like Taylor Swift, she is just a simple, normal person that is super famous. Most of my favorite famous people are typically down to earth, and are actual real people I can relate to. Just watching this showed me even more that I could definitely be best friends with Blake Lively.

TEN // Ice-cream Sandwich Cake
Although I am trying to watch what I eat before prom, I can not help but feel compelled to try this recipie out the second I get back to New York. It looks so amazing - give it a try!

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