Graduation Gift Guide

Saturday, May 14, 2016
It is that time of year where you find yourself at a different graduation party every weekend. A lot have already happened, mostly college graduations, but many more are still to come up until the end of June (including mine).
Finding the right gifts to give those who are about to embark on a new phase of their lives is always a little bit difficult, whether it be a college or high school graduate.
I think, either way, both of those situations call for new room decorations, which would be used in a dorm or new apartment. I think it is pretty essential to get the graduate something that they can use, because let's face it, a dorm and a first apartment are not typically large enough to store things that are never going to be used. So, something that will come in handy (and hopefully also cute) is always the best way to go when gift shopping.
There are a lot more things that graduates need, but this is a very basic (and fun) group of gifts! I think that if I were given any of these for graduation, I would use each as much as I could!

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