Hetch Hetchy Hiking

Monday, May 2, 2016
When we got to our resort on Saturday, aside from certain hikes in Yosemite, the concierge recommended that we hike Hetch Hetchy. Neither of us ever heard of it, and we were really interested to go see it.

We went to Yosemite during the first weekend of high season, for both hikers and fishers. Therefore, the lines were ridiculous and traffic was insane. The trails in Yosemite were packed, and although it was amazing, we did not want to spend another day standing in lines (it was Disney World crazy!).
We were able to stand on this bridge right in the middle of the waterfalls! It was so beautiful - and the mist really helped with the heat, haha. 
Shirt: Lululemon (Similar) // Leggings: Under Armour // Sweater: Patagonia
Shoes: Nike (Similar) // Sunglasses: Ray Ban
On the second day, we took the concierge's suggestion and went to Hetch Hetchy. It is a very small, not well known area. Therefore, it was not as crowded and there were not as many lines as there were at Yosemite. Hetch Hetchy has a beautiful dam with great (and easy) hiking. There are great waterfalls, sights, and wild life. I highly recommend it! It may not be as well known or big as Yosemite, but it is still a great place to check out! The best part is, it is right by Yosemite, so if you are in the area, you an easily get to it!

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