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Thursday, May 12, 2016
This week was definitely out of the ordinary. My math teacher left the school abruptly, I have not been getting as much homework as I usually do, and I have been surprisingly relaxed.
Considering prom is coming up in a few weeks, I expected to be a little more all over the place with my outfit, what and where I am doing my hair, and where I will be getting my makeup done. Thankfully, I have most of that figured out. The one thing I am missing is where I am getting my hair done. I feel like there are so many places to choose from, but I am really bad with trusting new salons (my one does not specialize in up-do's), so putting my trust in something new for prom is a little daunting.

However, on Tuesday my dog (pictured above) fell into my pond. That was definitely a little scary and weird, but thankfully she is ok (I pulled her out right after she fell).

ONE // How Much It Would Cost To Live In Your Favorite TV Apartments
I don't know if it is just me (I highly doubt it is), but every time I watch a new show, I always wonder how much it would cost to live in the characters' apartments. This article gives you a rough estimate of the pricey apartments in How I Met Your Mother, Friends, Sex and the City, and Big Bang Theory. It finally answers all of our questions!

TWO // Tips For The Summer Before College
I spent nearly everyday of my summer last year working. It was what I basically programmed myself to do, and looking back on it, I wish I was not so uptight about taking up a shift every day (my shifts were 8 hours long!). That was my last summer in high school, and I kind of wish I took better advantage of it. I of course do not regret making money and doing something with my time, but I wish I changed it up once or twice a week. As an incoming college freshman, my summer is cut short, and I am hoping to cram as many memories in as I can. This article guides you on how to do so (while working as well!).

THREE // Your Healthy Weight: How To Find It, Get There, And Maintain It
I always think that it is important to stay on top of your weight and goal weight. This talks about different techniques you can use to track your weight, helping you maintain your health! It is really interesting and taught me some new information I will for sure be using in the future.

FOUR // Kate Spade Flamingo Kitchen Linen Set
Last year it was pineapples, and this year it is flamingo's. Of course, Kate Spade quickly caught on to these trends and began selling the most adorable kitchen linen set to spice up summer soirees, Sunday suppers and sunset cookouts. Check them out!

FIVE // 26 Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know
Of course, headlines like these always catch my eye. A concise list of great (and easy) DIY projects that are sure to spark one's interest. Doing a different DIY on my free time is always fun and fulfilling, and reading lists like these typically inspire my next DIY! My latest DIY can be found here.

SIX // How To Get A Farmhouse Style Finish
Nowadays, the 'farmhouse' rustic look is on a constant upward trend. Every wedding I have seen for the past two years has been on the more rustic side, and the newest house renovations and furniture seems to be following as well. The main objective is to keep things simple and organic looking. This shows you how to obtain that look with you current furniture.
Another DIY to try out is this farmhouse-style bench that you can make for less than $40!

SEVEN // How To Make Lip Balm (Recipie)
I am the type of girl to have at least two sticks of lip balm in my bag or jacket at all times. I always go for EOS or Burt's Bee's, but I have never tried to make a stick of lip balm myself. I've thought about it, but typically I forget, so this can be a friendly reminder to us all!
It is also really helpful to know what is in your lip balm, considering it is known that some companies make their product dry your lips so you use it more often.

EIGHT // Non-Toxic Deodorant
I am probably one of the last people ever to hear this, but over the Thanksgiving break I was informed that certain deodorants lead to breast cancer due to the toxins found in them. Being the hypochondriac I am, I started to worry about what was in my deodorant, in hope to avoid any of this. Therefore, this list of non-toxic deodorant's is super helpful - because all of the work is already done for you!

NINE // Banishing Cellulite: The Foam Roller Detox
With bikini season quickly approaching, everyone is running to the gym to drop some pounds. Of course, cellulite is one of the greatest struggles during the bikini season, and is difficult enough to get rid of. However, by doing these certain workouts, you are able to focus solely on banishing that cellulite!

TEN // Ten Tips For Better Workouts
Working out is not always super fulfilling, at least for me, because I typically end trying to catch my breath and dripping in sweat. When I rowed, it was constantly enforced that not only did we have to work out, we had to learn how to work out. If you are working out - but doing it incorrectly, you will not gain anything from the workout, and you put yourself at risk for injury. Therefore, trying your best to make the most out of each of your workouts is bound to produce the best results!
Happy Thursday!

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