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Thursday, May 26, 2016
Like I said in my previous post, I have had a very hectic week. However, it has been hectic in a good way! Work is beginning to start up again, so juggling that and school for a month will be difficult but I am sure I can get through it like I have for the past two years. 

Nevertheless, I have been keeping up with different blogs and recipes that I want to share with you all. 
One of the worst things is loving something that is bad for you - and that something for me is dessert. If I could, I would eat dessert all day, every day, but then I would be morbidly obese and I would prefer to avoid that. However, whenever I find a recipie for some dessert I love, which has less calories, I bookmark it straight away. I can't help my love for dessert - but I can help all of us fell less guilty about eating it!

My hair is a pain when it comes to air-drying it. I always do air-dry it, but only half the time it ends up looking decent. This gives you some tips on how to maintain curls, decrease frizz, etc. It even shows examples with famous people and how to attain that particular look.

I always find these articles to be a good read. I think that they are so cool and are a neat way to get small life lessons or tricks to help propel you further!  

Everyone has there pet-peeves, and no one is perfect. This is all not new information, however this is an entertaining article about these annoying things most people do. The worst part is, I can relate to these and I also think that they are annoying when other people do it. Hypocritical, yes, but I know I am not the only one! 

Whenever I am hanging out with my friends, unless we are out, we most likely all sit down and watch a movie. It is like second nature at this point. We all know that we would prefer to do something else, but having to come up with that is quite the process, and a movie is a simple solution. However, this list of 50 other things to do instead of turning on a movie is really cool, and will finally help my friends and I to change up what we do! 

Now that we (high schoolers) are clawing our way into summer, it is time for the future college freshman to look for dorm room decorations. I knew from the start that I wanted to add a gallery wall to my dorm, in hopes to spice up the boring slate gray walls. Although I am planning on buying prints, I also want to be able to contribute to the wall through different DIY's, and I thought that this one in particular is perfect for what I am looking for! It seems easy enough to do, and looks professional! I am going to find time over the summer to work on those different DIY's, and this will definitely be in that mix. I will let you guys know how that goes! 

Yet another DIY. I think that coasters are a nice detail to add, and I loved this tutorial from Lauren Conrad. It is once again something that does not seem too difficult, yet it looks professional. I am excited to try this one out as well! 

EIGHT // Low Carb Foods
I follow Amber Fillerup-Clark (Barefoot Blonde) on snapchat, and she revealed that her diet. It is this weird one in which she only eats 30-50 carbs a day, and gets one cheat day a week. To me, that is a little insane and I was so curious as to how she was able to function. Honestly, I do not see that diet being for me, but it definitely made me aware of carbs and I thought that this list of low carb foods was a cool thing to stumble upon! If you continue looking through this website, you will also see that they have a list of no-carb foods, and low carb snacks. Definitely interesting if this diet, or a modification of it, is something that you want to try. 

I was actually just thinking about this today. I am really afraid of writing research papers at a college level! I know that in college the stakes are raised a lot higher, and I do think I am capable, but I am so unsure of what professors expect to be a good paper, and what they don't. Although this does not exactly delve into a good paper vs. a bad paper, it gives you tips on how to make yours stand out, and hopefully allow it to morph into a better paper. I know that this will definitely be helpful for me next year. 

I know that I want to incorporate gold into my dorm room design, but I have had a hard time understanding what is maybe too much or too little. This is more of a gallery in a house, so very different from a dorm, but if you are planning on buying any golden accents, it is a good reference before you over-do it! 
Until next time! 

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