The Quintessential Summer Wardrobe: Everything You Need This Summer

Tuesday, May 10, 2016
I have seen so many new styles emerging this year, and I am loving it. I am so excited to delve in to all the newest trends - it gives me an excuse to go shopping!

After reading other blogs, seeing pictures on instagram, finding the latest and 'greatest' DIY's on Pinterest, I have come to realize that I how hard it is to catch up with these ever growing trends.
However, from what I have seen and read, the following trends are going to be (and are already) huge this summer! Start your shopping!
ONE // Two-piece dresses

TWO // Lace-up heels and flats

THREE // Espadrilles

FOUR // Off the shoulder shirts and dresses

FIVE // Leather bags

Let me know any other upcoming trends you're seeing!

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  1. i love the lace up flats!