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Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Hey guys!
I am so sorry for being so inconsistent with my posts! This week was (and will continue to be) very hectic. The school year is wrapping up - so teachers believe that it is the perfect time to throw a bunch of work onto the students. Not as if that is enough, prom is this upcoming Friday!

Like I said, this week has been hectic aside from all of the prom planning and school. I have had something to do nearly every day of the week and I feel so worn out! If you guys did not already see on my instagram - I am not lying. But, a busy week is always more enjoyable than a boring one.
So Saturday was my mom's birthday, and we decided to celebrate it in one of my family's favorite restaurants, Balthazar, in SoHo. If you have not been there before, you should really make a reservation now - even their bread is mouthwatering (but what bread isn't..). But, before we went to the restaurant we picked up a pair of sunglasses for my mom in Warby Parker - and my sister and I stumbled across this photo-booth. We had a little bit too much fun with it, trying on a ton of different glasses and striking poses.
Also, when I was in SoHo on Saturday, walking to Dominique Ansel Bakery (I can never have enough cookie shots), I made direct eye contact with Beau Mirchoff. My heart was beating at high speed once I realized it was him, and I was too afraid to ask him for a picture. Instead, I snuck one of him, haha! 
And finally, I went to a ballet yesterday, which was really fun! My best friend hooked me up with amazing tickets, and it gave us the perfect excuse to dress up. I have not been to the ballet in a long time, so it was so great to see it again. But, we did leave during the intermission because we are teenage girls who get bored easily (oops) and I had school the next day. 
So, there is my excuse for doing so poorly with my posts this week. Once prom is in the clear and teachers calm down with our work load, I am going to try my best to get back into my regular routine. 

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