The Perfect Bikini

Thursday, June 23, 2016
After being at the beach all day yesterday, I think that it is only appropriate to talk about the bikini you need this summer. I honestly do not own many bikinis (although I am a lifeguard....). There have been so many vacations that I have gone on just to realize I really need to get some bikinis.

Therefore, before the summer this year, I made sure to stock up on some bikinis. I have to say I do not regret anything. There were so many times last year where I would run out of a nice bikini and be caught in my lifeguard bikini. Thankfully, I am no longer exposed to that same type of embarrassment.
Here are some perfect bikini's (and adorable one-pieces):



  1. These are some really nice picks!! But I'm still waiting for summer to arrive in Belgium, haha!!

  2. Love it! That one from J. Crew is my favorite! xx