My College Packing List

Saturday, July 9, 2016
Being an incoming freshman is pretty overwhelming. I need to buy furniture and decor to fill a whole room, which differs greatly from upperclassmen who have most of it figured out.
I, however, have been going crazy trying to buy all the things I will need to design the best dorm I can. Therefore, I am going to keep all of you updated with my search for the perfect room essentials, starting today!

One of the things I have known I wanted throughout this entire search was a good fluffy rug and blanket. Where I am going to school is going to get really cold, and the thought of coming home to a fluffy rug and blanket sounds like a dream. A fluffy, comfy dream.
For a while I found myself obsessing over the little things, like what stapler I am going to get or if I should get a certain set of sheets to match with my comforter - but there is a lot that matters you do not think about as much. I think that is because it is not glamours, but just necessary. These are things like a Twin XL mattress topper (you'll want it for a bed that a ton of other people have slept in!), a shower caddy, storage boxes and so much more. All the behind the scenes things are what will make this dorm room your home for the year. Like I said, dorm shopping is especially hard on the freshmen because most upperclassmen have all of this, and get to focus solely on the fun stuff!

Here is some more fun stuff to focus on right now, though!

Enjoy your shopping! Let me know if I missed anything. 


  1. That watermelon rug is so cute! i would totally buy it!
    But you're right. It's best to focus on the things you really need first and then get the extra stuff later if you can. You don't want to buy that cute mug and forget about getting a cozy blanket so you don't freeze to death lol.

    Yvanne |

  2. All of these decor pieces are SO cute! Love the marble top side table.

    Rachel /