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Thursday, July 21, 2016
Because I work as a lifeguard, I have a lot of time to read when not on stand or if the pool is not busy. Therefore making it always 100 times more exciting when I stumble upon an interesting article.
I have not done any 'Ten Thursday Links' posts in a while, and I think it is time to bring it back for all of us who have time (or want to make time) to do some quick reading - or just to check out something interesting! 

ONE // Preppy Miami Beach House Guest Room
Not much to say about this aside from the fact that it is one of the nicest guest rooms I've seen! Love the color palette.

TWO // A Preppy Girl's College Packing List
On Pinterest, you can come across tons of different college packing lists. Honestly, most of them are the same, telling you that you should bring a mattress topper, two sets of twin XL sheets- all that good stuff. However, this one is a little more rigged toward a 'preppy' girl. Therefore, it differs from the rest of those lists, which I really liked!

THREE // The Summer Before College: Ten Things You Must Do
I have shared a similar article on another Ten Thursday Links post (here), and I also really enjoyed this one. As you all know, I am entering my freshman year of college, and a lot of my posts have been based off of the experience as an incoming freshman. There are so many articles, slideshows, lists, etc. out there that give you the freshman run down, and I just can't keep up. Just like I can't with my summer so far! Therefore, this is a good reminder as I reach the middle of my summer, reviewing how I should properly prepare for the semester ahead.

FOUR // Taylor Swift's Fourth of July Swim Suit
Ever since Taylor Swift posted her Fourth of July pictures from her celebration in Rhode Island, I have been going crazy to find her swim suit. However, I finally found it. Weirdly enough, I was not even looking for it, I was looking through Solid & Striped, and found the swim suit.

FIVE // DIY Monogram Converse
I have had a white pair of converse since freshman year of high school. However, I do not wear them as often as I thought I would. I think that this DIY is such a cute idea. I plan on doing this to my converse before college, so they are not like every other pair I see!

SIX // 49 Islands You Must See Before You Die
Alike most other people, I am trying to see as much of the world I can throughout my lifetime. This is such a nice and to the point bucket list, just on islands (although there is still so much more out there to see!).

SEVEN // Gluten Free Banana Bread
I love banana bread. But, I do not love the calories. The gluten free part of this recipe will probably help that out a little bit, so I am excited to try it!

EIGHT // DIY Mini Pinatas
I am throwing a graduation party this upcoming Sunday, and I could not be more excited. I have a whole Pinterest board (here), with endless ideas from decorations to dessert. However, I think that these are just so cute, and if I have time to do them before the party, I will pull a few of these together!

NINE // Free Party Printables
There is not much to say, this will come in handy for so many things!

TEN // This Pink Gingham Dress
I have so much gingham, but most if it is blue. I can not fathom how cute this dress is, and the whole outfit!

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