How To Deal With The Stress of Dorm Shopping

Tuesday, August 2, 2016
It has been a while since my last post. In the meantime, I have bought all and more than I need for my dorm, had my graduation party, and as usual, I've been working. However, I am going to focus on the dorm shopping experience.

1. Pick out what you are going to buy before you leave to shop. I can't stress this enough! I mapped out my entire shopping trip before I stepped foot into any store. This could not have made the shopping any easier. I was in and out of each store in an hour and a half tops.

2. Check out the different measurements on you college website. Whether it is to check if your bed should be twin XL, or what size your blinds should be, this is always handy to know before you are in the store. It is the worst to try to navigate through your college website while out shopping, so save the stress and know beforehand.

3. Make a list of what you need vs. what you want. You are going to be living in a dorm, not a house, therefore overbuying is not always the best idea. I am known to be an over-buyer, therefore this helped me out so much. It helped me focus on buying what I meed before I went on to decoration. Keep in mind, you do not have much space!!

4. Reach out to your roommate and make sure that they don't already have what you are shopping for. This could be pretty significant or minor, depending on the item. My roommate and I constantly keep each other in the loop with what we are buying, therefore we are not going to end up with two of the same things!

I have recently gotten obsessed with Target. All of the good deals on cute great quality items makes it hard not to love. In this whole venture to buy new stuff for my dorm, I have grown more and more in love with the store (it is where I bought most of my stuff!).
By the way, my Graduation Party post is coming soon! Keep an eye out ;).
See you all soon!


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