Jeep Adventures in the Hamptons

Tuesday, August 16, 2016
Posting this weekend was hard considering the house did not have any wifi. The lack of internet was frustrating, but it gave us the opportunity to do other things with our time without being so focused on our phones. Yes, I had my LTE, but I was trying my best to put my phone down and spend quality time with my family considering I have just two more short weeks with them before I leave for college.

I think that the best part of the 'vacation' was the last day. We did not want to spend a fourth day on the beach, and decided to drive out to Montauk. Although Montauk is not incredibly far from the Hamptons, the traffic made the drive an hour and a half. However, we took the jeep, and the drive was nearly more fun than Montauk itself!
Also, no matter how much we went to the beach, we did not tan at all. Therefore we wore our bikinis in the Jeep so we could get a little more tan before we left. 
We also brought Maggie along for the ride. She normally gets sick on long car rides, but she loved the Jeep! For the first time ever, she did not get sick, and was actually excited to get back in the car.
See you next time! 

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  1. Glad you had a great family vacation and a great day out!