The Perfect Midsummer Bag

Wednesday, August 10, 2016
I finally leave for the Hamptons tomorrow. This time last year I was leaving for Greece, and as sad as it is that I am not going anywhere too exciting this year, the Hamptons is still something to look forward to! Considering I will be spending four days there, I need a few different bags. Ok, maybe I do not need a few different bags, but being the over packer I am, I plan on bringing a few different ones.

One of my favorite bags is this Kate Spade one. Although yellow tends to be hard to match with outfits, this bag matches just about anything. It adds a pop of yellow to every outfit I wear. Therefore, it is definitely being packed.
A basic, yet profound bag like my Kate Spade one is my favorite type, but every girl needs a plain bag and a crazy beach bag! Therefore, check out the different bags for different occasions I have attached!

Beach Bags:

School Bags:


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