My Dorm Room

Tuesday, August 30, 2016
Because I post so much about college, and about dorms, I feel it is only right to share my dorm room with you all! I had so much fun decorating it, and planning it, it feels so good to finally have it all together!

It is no secret that I love scallops. Once I saw that this comforter came with a scalloped pillow, I was sold!
One of my favorite aspects of our room is this gallery wall. I spent a full day in the middle of July figuring out what pictures I would bring to contribute to the wall. I decided to go with the theme of watercolor and pictures that spoke to me - a NYC painting, a landscape of Ireland, an anchor and a beach. Maris brought the macaroons and the Pop Fizz Clink. We are so excited with the wall! 
*Ignore the food, I am getting a bar cart to store that on in the near future!*
Comforter: Kate Spade // Body Pillow: Bed Bath and Beyond
Lobster Throw Pillow: Bed Bath and Beyond (Similar) // Gold Throw Pillow: Target (Similar)
Backrest Pillow: Target (Similar) // Pin-board: Target (Similar) // 
I tried my best to maximize my closet space because I brought a lot of clothes with me. I hung everything that would get wrinkled, but tried to fold as much as I can. I bought one rolling drawer set, and put one my school provided me in my closet. I actually have a lot more space than I thought I would (so I wish I brought even more clothes!!). 

If you could not tell, Target was definitely one of my favorite places to shop for my dorm stuff. I honestly think that I went to Target more this Summer than I have ever been in my life. It is a great place to find adorable room decorations, bedding, pillows etc. for an amazing price! 
I have a few more framed pictures I plan on putting up on my wall above the tassels. I hate how empty it looks right now, and I have a picture ready, I just need to fix the back so it will stick. Other than that, I could not be more excited about how my room came out, it is even better than we imagined!

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