How To Stay on Top of School Work in College

Monday, March 6, 2017
Most of my posts nowadays are centered around college. Everyone has a different way of adjusting, so everyone gives different advice. But now that current seniors are hearing back from colleges, I decided to make a post dedicated to adjusting to college, and starting ahead!
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I remember laying in my bed at 2 a.m. two weeks before moving in realizing that all of the anticipation for college "next year" was just a short two weeks away. Those last two weeks of summer flew by and before I knew it I was putting together my dorm, scribbling notes of different syllabi, and making new friends.
I think my biggest mistake with my first two months of college was not starting ahead. Don't get me wrong, I handed every assignment in which always done to the best of my ability. However, I still found myself constantly stressed, chugging coffee's like there was no tomorrow, and eventually hibernating in the library. I decided to start things out a little differently this semester.
Everyone advises you to get the ball rolling the second you walk into your first class, but that is honestly easier said than done. You live and you learn, I know I have.
However, here are some tips to help incoming freshmen easily adjust to school work, meanwhile enjoying every thing else this exciting stage of life has to offer!

    1. Get a planner
Stay on top of all of your assignments. The worst feeling ever is realizing three days before a huge midterm that you also have an essay due that same day (been there). Cramming is the worst, so a planner will really help you keep on top of things. I use a Lilly Pulitzer planner, and it is my favorite thing ever! Here are some more great planners: Kate SpadeBan.doRifle Paper Co.
    2. Go to every class
I remember everyone telling me this, and I honestly did slip up sometimes last semester. You don't realize how important going to class is until you show up to the test and don't know everything because you did not go to class one day! Sometimes, however, you do need to miss class, and if you do, make sure to get the notes from someone that was there!
   3. Go to office hours
I did not do this enough last semester. When I started going later in the semester, my professors helped me so much more than I expected. It always helps to talk one-on-one with your professor, and office hours is the easiest way to understand what you are expected to know!
    4. Get a study buddy
Something I find really beneficial is having a friend in all of my classes. If you miss a class, or do not understand a question on the homework, or want to study for a test, it is always helpful to have a friendly face in each class. Sometimes you won't need it, but I almost always find it super helpful to have a friend to study with in my classes!
    3. Do not over-work
Know when to take breaks. Hang out with your friends, grab dinner off campus, go to the mall. Do whatever you need to do to wind down. You can't do your best without ever taking a break! Treat yo'self. 

Good luck!


  1. Going to every class is the most crucial one! I often felt like I didn't need it and it turns out in the end that I did haha

    With love,

  2. Staying on top of work in college is so important, but so hard! It's the first time you are really on your own and you don't have someone reminding you to get stuff done and there are so many distractions from homework and class! Love your tips girl :)

    Lauren Lindmark